Strong Insurance Services

Strong Insurance Services

Strong Insurance Services is a recognized retirement and estate planning firm for both personal and business planning. Roy M. Strong, president, believes that through education, training and personal consultation we can help YOU make good decisions so that YOU will have confidence and peace of mind in those decisions. Strong Insurance Services is a member of the Indiana Chamber of Commerce, and Brownsburg Chamber of Commerce. Our clients are concerned with today’s issues such as low interest rates and the safety of their investments, long term care expenses, reducing taxes on Social Security, dying with dignity and avoiding probate. Following is only a partial list of our areas of expertise:

Comprehensive Estate Planning
A good estate plan allows you to give what you have to whom you want, the way you want, when you want, at the least possible cost to both you and your heirs. A comprehensive estate plan helps you avoid the probate process, minimize legal fees, reduce time, decrease federal estate taxes and prepare in the event of disability. In addition to these benefits, a comprehensive estate plan gives you full control over your affairs and allows you to pass that control along to a loved one if you become unable to manage-all of this without the interference of the court.

Retirement Planning
We often hear people say, “It’s too late for me to do retirement planning. I’m already retired!” Retirement planning does not stop once you start drawing income from one or more of your retirement benefits. Retirement planning is planning for the financial needs of all of the “golden years,” not just the first few. One of the major financial concerns of today’s older adults is outliving their financial savings. Prudent investing without taking unnecessary risks is not the total solution. Several factors must be considered when planning for the rest of your life such as inflation, income taxes, taxes on Social Security, unexpected expenses and low interest rates.

Charitable Gift Planning
Most people believe that giving to charity is a win-lose situation; the charity wins but your heirs lose. With complete planning, we can guarantee you that charitable gift planning can be a win-win-win situation: the charity, your heirs and you all win! By creating a charitable gift annuity, not only will you receive a charitable tax deduction, you could also receive up to 12% returns on your investment. Your heirs will also be assured an inheritance. Charitable gift planning can also help you avoid capital gains taxes on highly appreciated assets such as stocks, bonds, real estate, farm land, etc. If you have an estate valued at more than $2 million, we can help you set up a C-FLIP, which will reduce your federal estate taxes to zero! We can also show you how to substantially reduce or eliminate capital gains taxes when you decide to sell your business.

Guaranteed Fixed Rate & Index Annuities
These are considered by many to be one of the best-kept investment secrets of the day. They have been referred to as “The Perfect Investment” by an independent financial newsletter because of guaranteed safety, competitive high yields (6% to 10.05%) and important tax advantages. Index annuities are long-term retirement plans that offer many advantages, including annual interest credited to your annuity that reflects a percentage of any Standard & Poor’s 500 Index increases plus tax-deferred growth. Index annuities give you upside potential plus downside protection. Accelerated fixed rate annuities have resulted in attractive alternatives to CD’s and a safe haven for the investor who is weary of the uncertainty of stocks, bonds and mutual funds.

Income Tax Planning
“Well-to-do” retirees may be hit hard by the increased taxation of Social Security benefits under the new tax act. In addition, working to make up the difference can compound the problem since earning above a certain amount causes Social Security benefits for those under age 70 to be reduced. Up to 50% of Social Security benefits are taxable if a taxpayer’s “provisional income” exceeds $32,000 for couples or $25,000 for single people. For most people, provisional income, as well as tax-exempt interest income and 50% of Social Security benefits, is taxable.

Strong Insurance Services will help clients gain a greater understanding of the annuities products marketplace. We will provide each client with complete information on each of the annuities options available to them and provide Our suite of fixed annuities and fixed indexed annuities includes options to accommodate different clients' time horizons, risk tolerance and protection needs. They are designed to provide income security and flexibility for individuals who are planning for or living in retirement.

Long-Term Care
With the cost of health insurance continually rising, many professionals are now considering their long-term care options. Strong Insurance Services will work with clients to go over their care options. The company’s team has the experience and industry expertise to devise strategies that ensure all obligations are covered. They will go over insurance policies with clients to enable the client to outline their personal objectives. It’s a service that helps protect the client and their beneficiaries against the damaging financial effects of unforeseen circumstances in future.